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College Rules

College Rules

Tuesday June 25, 2019
Rating: 86.5
Category: College
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The Review

When we think of college we normally think of students up all night studying and hanging out talking about movies and books and things like that. What we sometimes forget is that there is a lot of sex going on in college. This site brings you actual videos shot on campuses from around the country showing you what is really going on when they think nobody is watching. If mom and dad knew their tuition money was being spent this way, they wouldn't be very happy.

Each of the scenes in this site has a movie and some pictures to go along with it. There is plenty of drinking and partying and a lot of nakedness, crazy fun and hardcore fucking. I watched a scene where the students poured water in the hall and added soap to make a make shift slip and slide then stripped down to their underwear and went sliding. One hot girl gets really crazy and goes naked and pretty soon everyone is naked and sliding. When one girl gets slammed into the wall and hurt another kisses her to make it better and it is on. It isn't long until those two are in a room with a guy fucking like crazy.

I loved what I saw and the movies look really good. The problem is that the site is very small and very slow to update. There are only 36 different scenes here and it looks like they only update once per month with a new scene. That is not good at all. Add in the fact that you don't get any kind of bonus content and it makes this one pretty rough to recommend.

On the bright side if you do decide to give it a try we have a deal with the site owners to give you a 50% discount on your membership which brings it down to just $14.95 per month. Thats not a bad deal and more in line with a site that is this small.

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